S.O.S. Pandora TV – As of today, the survival of pandoratv.it depends on you.


S.O.S. Pandora TV

As of today, the survival of pandoratv.it depends on you.

Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, one

of our main sources of self-financing is no longer available. We can

keep our cameras rolling for just 2 more months.

Pandora TV, in just over two years of broadcasting, has reported

“what the others won’t tell you”, chronicling of the great worldwide

crisis and dramatic facts all indicating the ever-growing risk that the

planet is heading towards War.

To remain in operation, with a revised schedule, Pandoratv.it is

appealing exclusively to its web, digital tv and radio audiences.

We are offering you a donation SUBSCRIPTION* system:

ANNUAL – 5 euros a month for 12 months

BI-ANNUAL – 5 euros a month for 6 months

You choose the subscription that works for you, not the one they

impose on you so you can listen to lies, so they can manipulate you, so

they can dumb you down, you and your children. It’s a small

subscription, voluntary but decisive.

5,000 people who subscribe with these plans (and who stay

subscribed) will allow us to continue operating (and expand what we

do) for one full year. Starting today!

Without your immediate help, Pandora TV will shut down its

Do it now and do it fast.

* Subscribe here: https://www.pandoratv.it/?page_id=4602

  • Or with PayPal
  • Or by bank transfer using our bank details below:


IBAN: IT82P0100504800000000006342

You can also ask your Bank to make a recurring donation using the recurring

donation form.

Please let us know that you’ve subscribed: contatti@pandoratv.it

Thank you.